VIDEO: Camaro Obliterated During $10K No Prep Grudge Race! :(


SOURCE: 1320video

Camaro Obliterated During $10K No Prep Grudge Race! 🙁

“A $10,000 grudge race came from a heated Facebook discussion between two racers, Da Boogeyman out of Colorado and Honey Badger from Oklahoma and went down at the No Prep Mayhem race in Wichita Kansas – The first pair of cars down the track is always the scariest at a no prep race because no one knows what kind of shape the track is in. At the end of the race things got CRAZY and didn’t go so well for one race who totaled his car. We are happy to report that David Hildebrand walked away completely un-injured. We wish we could say the same for the beautiful Camaro he was driving.”





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