VIDEO: Meet Little Anthony…The Youngest Race Manager On Earth!


SOURCE: 1320video

Meet Little Anthony…The Youngest Race Manager On Earth! | Now thats how you raise them right!
“We may not feature many bikes on this channel, but how could we pass up a video with such a great guest host? Walking through the pits of Chitown’s KING of the STREETS event this fall we stumbled across paths with little Anthony here. He gave us a quick run down of some of the family backstory and helped us interview the riders which as luck would have it, ended up getting to race one another yet again! Both riders (Stoll & Ducky) have made it into the finals here at KOTS before in Seniors and Juniors bike classes and are seasoned riders with years of riding under their belts. This time around they were competing in the Junior class and they both showed they deserved a chance at the #1 spot in the class!”


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