SOURCE: Tesla Racing Channel

Tesla P90D vs. GSXR Street Bike vs. E85 GT-R vs. C6 Corvette (Street Pulls)

“With drag racing season almost over it’s about time we hit the streets in a Tesla P90D with Ludicrous Mode. Since the Tesla’s now have a lot more top end from when the P85D was released they now have a much better chance from a roll race. We stacked it up against a GSXR 600cc Street Bike with exhaust, intake and a tune. A 1000cc Bike joined in on the action in the 2nd race and the 1000cc also ran a C7 Paxton Supercharged Corvette. Also we did a dig race with a Stalled, Cammed and Nitrous LS3 Grand-sport C6 Corvette from a dig in a quarter mile race. To end the video two same modification Full Bolt On E85 GTR’s battled it out to see basically who had the better tune. The one then running a big turbo built Mitsubishi EVO as well.”